We are a group of non-accidental people for whom work is more than making money. We love what we do, and satisfaction with the implementation of our plans gives us a positive impulse for the later.

Our most valuable working tool is our mind. The quality of our thinking depends on the quality of our lives, which is why we support and strengthen our mind and body through physical activity, interests, healthy diet. In order to succeed we follow the law of cause and effect, which in practice amounts to the sentence "learn and work". As team members we strive for self-expression and personal fulfillment.


Honesty, conscientiousness, diligence, reliability - all these words can express a "solidity". We do not operate without preparation. Each stage of the project is carefully planned and polished. We never allow to randomness and neglect.


Creativity and creative thinking guided each of our action. In defining the problems we use brainstorming.
We look at the task from different perspectives in an unconventional and innovative way.


We are pleased with the work that gives us satisfaction and fulfillment. We wish that the ratio of our customers to the effects of our work was similar. We make sure that the final evaluation user was satisfactory both for him and for us.


The effectiveness and efficiency of our team proves its effectiveness. Daily work begin by defining the list of tasks and priorities. We manage our working time in an efficient manner, starting with the most demanding issues.


We provide advanced solutions for both medium and large companies. We have long experience in working with units of public administration at central and local government.

We use a wide range of technology and business solutions. Services that we supply are safe, have the highest quality and usability.

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Project management

We have several years of experience in managing IT projects. Practical knowledge about eliminating risk on the life cycle of the project allows us to effectively achieve the goals to be achieved and business.

Implementation and integration

We carry out implementation projects based on solutions of Business Intelligence (BI) and cloud computing leading software vendors. We integrate business processes in companies and public administration.

Outsourcing IT

We subcontract the implementation of IT projects both in terms of broadly defined "body leasing" (analysis, development, testing, implementation, integration and support) as well as the realization of complex IT services.

Analysis and design services

Quality analysis and technical design is often the deciding factor for the success of an IT project. By joining the execution system precisely we define requirements and we care about their reliability and completeness.

Software development

Our team of experienced developers implement IT projects based on their own and clients ideas. We help in gaining a competitive advantage by creating systems tailored to individual needs.

Training and IT Consulting

All we need to achieve the objective is in all of us. We assist in the extraction of this potential and provide guidance for its implementation.
By participating in a variety of advanced IT projects, we have gained knowledge which allows us to offer training and consulting services.


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